Jorge Paulo Lemann (born August 26, 1939) is a Swiss-Brazilian banker, ranked as the 26th richest person in the world by Bloomberg Billionaire Index, with a net worth of $25.6 billion. Lemann initially worked as a trainee at Credit Suisse in Geneva. In 1966, Invesco went bankrupt, a company Lemann had 2% stake in. In 1971, Lemann, Carlos Alberto Sicupira and Marcel Herrmann Telles founded the Brazilian investment banking firm Banco Garantia. Undaunted by a horrific market crash that came only weeks later, Lemann was eventually able to build Garantia into one of the country’s most prestigious and innovative investment banks. He sold the bank to Credit Suisse in 1998 for $675 million. Currently Lemann is one of the founders of 3G Capital, one of the most successful private equity firms in the United States. Recently he has done several investments with Warren Buffet.

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