André Esteves is a Brazilian billionaire businessman and mathematician, currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of BTG Pactual. He was born into a middle-class family in Rio de Janeiro and notably started as an intern in the IT department of then small Banco Pactual, working his way up quickly as a trader to become a partner. In 2006 UBS acquired Pactual for $3.1B Swiss Francs, and in 2008 Esteves left the bank along with 50 UBS employees to form BTG. In 2009 Esteves bought back Pactual from UBS for $2.5 billion Francs. Late 2010 BTG Pactual issued a US $1.8B IPO and has since expanded both in Latin America as well as globally. In 2014 BTG had a net profit of R$ 3.4B

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